Message from the Dean

For more than 100 years, Birmingham School of Law has educated lawyers in Birmingham.  Through its long and rich history, the school has served the bar by allowing students who may not have an option to attend a traditional law school to attend night and Saturday classes at Birmingham School of Law to earn a Juris Doctor degree.

The Birmingham School of Law faculty and staff are committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and professional responsibility. Our students have the benefit of being instructed in the law by a distinguished faculty made up of practicing attorneys who not only explain the technical aspects of the law, but also teach the application of the law through true scenarios.  Despite the fact that Birmingham School of Law is not accredited by the American Bar Association, a high percentage of our students have passed the Alabama bar exam as well as bar exams in other states.

The value of a law degree in today’s business environment is high.  Given the cost of professional and advanced degrees, the cost benefit of a J.D. degree from our school is exceptional.  As with most educational programs, students achieve the maximum benefit in direct proportion to the amount of time and effort they are willing and able to put into their studies.

Birmingham School of Law alumni have become some of the finest trial lawyers, judges and business leaders in Alabama, and we are proud to train attorneys who practice in all areas of the profession.  I hope you will visit our web site and plan a visit to our school so you can experience for yourself what Birmingham School of Law has to offer.

S. Scott Garrett
Dean, Birmingham School of Law