January 2019

Christopher Burrell graduated from Birmingham School of Law in 2010 and currently is a partner in the firm of Burrell & McCants, LLC. His law partner, Terrell McCants, was his law school classmate and the two joined forces in 2017 following seven years of solo practices.

“I felt that BSL would be a great way to get my law degree without accumulating debt, but what sold me was the time that former Associate Dean Gordon Warren spent with me when I toured the school. He spent an hour talking with me about the program. I knew then that I would enroll.”

Burrell had a great experience at BSL. “The professors are great teachers, and the fact that they actually practiced law was a huge motivating factor. There aren’t many law schools where you practice in front of and alongside your former professors, but I’ve done just that,” he says. “I also developed great friendships that have matured into great professional relationships.”

At Burrell & McCants, Burrell and his partner handle criminal defense, employment, and civil rights cases. “We call ourselves ‘Justice Lawyers,’ because we are dedicated to fighting for justice for those in our society who need help the most.”

Community involvement is important to Burrell, and he says, “I have been tremendously blessed, and this is my way of giving back.” He serves on the board of the Mike Slive Foundation for Prostate Cancer Research, the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Organization, and the University of North Alabama Alumni Association. He recently was selected as the President-Elect of the Magic City Bar Association.

In his spare time, Burrell and his wife, Robin, like to travel. They have been to almost 30 states. He also spends time on developing new ideas and business ventures.