Alumni of the Birmingham School of Law have achieved distinction in myriad roles. Many act as appellate court judges, trial judges, district attorneys, respected attorneys, and Bar Association officials throughout Alabama. Whether it is seeking political office, excelling in established professional business roles, or the practice of law, our graduates contribute to their local communities.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is the social and networking branch of the Birmingham School of Law Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at making a Birmingham School of Law education accessible to qualified students. The Alumni Association leads the effort to obtain donations to the Foundation dedicated to the establishment and perpetuation of scholarships for qualified BSL students. Each year, through the dedication and effort of the alumni, scholarships based on academic performance and financial need are awarded to worthy students attending BSL.

Alumni Room

Our state-of-the-art school facility boasts a warm and inviting Alumni Room. Birmingham School of Law welcomes alumni to set up “meet & greet” events with other alumni from various graduation classes. We also invite any alumni to organize class reunions on campus. If you would like to organize an event with fellow graduates, please contact Becky Danielson at