Building Your Legal Legacy is Attainable at Birmingham School of Law

For many individuals, the dream of becoming an attorney can feel marred by the demands of full-time classes during normal working hours, sky-high tuition prices, and a seemingly impossible admissions process. If your goal is to attend law school and to emerge with a Juris Doctor (JD), you may be excited to find out that you have another option that caters to hardworking, real-world circumstances: Birmingham School of Law.

Knowledge for Everyone

Located in the heart of downtown Birmingham, Birmingham School of Law offers the ability to attain a JD with affordability and flexibility. Whether you’re a traditional student looking to the next step in your education, a full-time employee in search of something more, or even a retiree ready to pursue your longtime love of the law, Birmingham School of Law provides a quality education at a fraction of the price of other law schools in the area.


Classes at Birmingham School of Law are offered on weeknights and on Saturdays. The weeknight classes are held Monday through Friday, from 6pm to 8:45pm, while the Saturday classes meet over four class periods: 9am to 11:45am, 12:30pm to 3:15pm, 3:30pm to 6:15pm, and 6:30pm to 9:15pm. These class times are specifically designed to accommodate those with families, full-time careers, and/or other life obligations. Thanks to the flexibility of the course schedule, most Birmingham School of Law students are able to complete their JD in 3.5 years.


In order to withstand the COVID-19 crisis, many law schools across the country elevated their tuition rates to astronomical new heights. Average tuition and fees per year at other law schools in Alabama range between $20K to $40K and have consistently been on the rise. Meanwhile, at Birmingham School of Law, the entirety of your time there is just $27,731 for the weekday program and $32,350 for the Saturday program (which includes a full 32 class course of instruction). Why pay upwards of six figures for your JD when you can do it for less than $40K? And, depending on your individual goals and needs, the schedule of courses at Birmingham School of Law actually allows you to continue working full-time at your job to facilitate your lifestyle, which is seemingly unheard of at other law schools in the area.

Excellent Instruction, Quality Education

Birmingham School of Law instructors are respected legal professionals who are passionate about impacting the next generation of attorneys in Alabama. Approximately 95% of Birmingham School of Law professors are adjunct professors and practicing attorneys/judges who are actively engaged in the day-to-day practice of law in Alabama. Some professors are also corporate professionals working as in-house counsel for banks, insurance companies, and land title companies. Several hold law licenses in multiple states and a large number have experience teaching at the graduate and undergraduate level at local colleges and universities. The result of having such a stellar team of practicing attorneys teaching law classes is an enthusiastic teaching style grounded in a real-world approach to the legal field. Birmingham School of Law instructors teach because they believe in the mission of the school and they love fostering knowledge and experience in up-and-coming Alabama attorneys.

Life After Birmingham School of Law

Once you’ve achieved your JD from Birmingham School of Law, you’ll sit for the Alabama State Bar Exam in order to become a licensed Alabama attorney. From there, you’ll be able to practice at a range of towns and cities across Alabama. One of the key benefits of attaining your JD from Birmingham School of Law is the ability to land in smaller jurisdictions where there may be no other legal professionals to compete with. Many students return to their hometowns to set up their own lucrative practices straight away or they pursue opportunities created thanks to the tutelage and relationships built from their Birmingham School of Law professors. Birmingham School of Law creates ideal career prospects for those who plan to stay in the State of Alabama for the long term without years of having to struggle to pay back mounds of law school debt. At the end of your time at Birmingham School of Law, you’ll have your JD and you’ll be equipped with useful, applicable legal knowledge to set yourself up for success at every milestone along your career path.

The deadline to apply for the Fall Term at Birmingham School of Law is July 1st. Click here to learn more about building your legal legacy at Birmingham School of Law.