Scholarship applications are accepted from March 15 through April 19. Students must be 21 years of age or older to apply for most scholarships, and all students will be notified by email when applications are available. A school-cast email will be sent to students to announce the opening of the application process just prior to March 15 as a reminder.

All scholarship deadlines are April 19. Selection criteria include a student’s BSL academic record and financial need. Selections are made through a review of the applications. Scholarships are awarded at the Graduation Banquet reception in May for the upcoming semester term(s).

Scholarships Available

The Law Enforcement Endowment

Available to law enforcement personnel enrolled in a minimum of three (3) classes per term. This scholarship pays tuition and fees for three subsequent terms, beginning in the summer.

The Judge Leigh M. Clark Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors the memory of Judge Leigh M. Clark, an outstanding jurist, and professor of torts for 50 years at the Birmingham School of Law. This scholarship pays tuition, fees, and books for two terms.

Women’s Service Award

This scholarship pays $500 towards the tuition of a female student who has given time and energy to the community in general (or specifically through legal service) to better the lives of women. **

Apply for a scholarship now.

There are other scholarship events throughout the year. These scholarships generally are funded by individual graduate attorneys and their law firms, as well as scholarship funds raised by and distributed through the Birmingham School of Law Foundation, Inc. Please watch your student school-cast emails for these events as they arise. 

** NOTE: THE FUNDING OF ALL SCHOLARSHIPS IS AN ANNUAL EVENT.  Therefore, there is a possibility that in any given year a scholarship may not be funded.  Consequently, Birmingham School of Law reserves the right to inform the students of the unavailability of a scholarship prior to the opening of applications.