Grace L. Simms received her MLS from the University of Alabama. She is the Information Technology Librarian for Beeson Law Library at Cumberland School of Law at Samford University where she is responsible for managing and coordinating all the library computer resources and services as well as maintaining the law library’s website. She helps law students with their technology needs as well as teaching three classes – Technology and the Practice of Law, Advanced Legal Tech, and Legal Tech and Innovation. Ms. Simms joined our faculty this fall, teaching Law and Technology. She says, “I love sharing new tech with law students and getting them to consider how to use it ethically and responsibly.”

Professor Simms enjoys birding and bird photography.  She loves to travel as well as read.  A favorite author is Stephen King.  She is married to Greg Ragsdale, and they share a love of movies/TV and being outside.

Welcome, Professor Simms!