Student Experience at BSL

Have you been thinking about law school for some time, but you’re not sure how you’re going to afford it? Or perhaps you have a family, and you can’t possibly give up your day job to attend law school. The Birmingham School of Law provides an opportunity for students seeking a quality legal education that won’t break the bank. As a non-traditional school offering night and weekend classes, BSL makes the pursuit of a law degree possible for those who would otherwise not be able to find the time. Not only is the Birmingham School of Law convenient and affordable, but it also has a diverse student body and a faculty of experienced and practicing legal professionals. All of these attributes equate to a unique experience and a JD that will be invaluable in your career.

A community of peers committed to learning together

Students attending Birmingham School of Law quickly find themselves as part of a close-knit community of peers who help each other. Kelli Ewing, a recent graduate, states, “You start at the same time as your peers. You spend all of your time with the same people in the same classes. You get to know everyone on a personal level as you form study groups and make friends – you live with these people, and you become a family.”

Every student at BSL is dedicated to doing well in their studies, and they all work together to succeed. If you talk to any student from BSL, they will paint a picture of collaboration and determination. Students describe the many study groups that form at BSL as dedicated, and they are known to gather in any nook and cranny as study rooms fill up. If you’re the type of student who needs a change of scenery every now and then, there are also many convenient places near the BSL building in Birmingham to study. Some students even inhabit the lobbies of nearby hotels during crunch time. Wherever they gather, the students at BSL find success through camaraderie.

A diverse student body ensures a well-rounded education

BSL is different from other law schools because of how diverse the student body is. Kelli Ewing observes, “People come from different backgrounds, and they are different ages, races, and religions – it’s like a melting pot.” This diversity offers a chance to learn from and interact with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, which is essential if you are going to practice law.

Andy D’Entremont, another recent graduate, points out that “you get to argue with all of these different people, so you know the law and you get to know how to argue with different people. You learn from each other. You get more than just a binary view.” In other words, experiencing more debate angles and more points of view translates to real-world differences in an argument.  

Another unique aspect of the experience at BSL is that students range in age from 23-70. One student, age 60, states that “the truth is in the middle, so you get to see the world from the perspective of a different generation. Dealing with different people with different values and sharing a mutual learning experience leads to a better understanding of different points of view. It makes you more holistic and enriched.”  

Pursue a law degree without giving up your day job

Some students come to BSL straight out of undergraduate studies, but most students have full-time jobs already (CPA, military, teachers, retirees). Kelli Ewing switched paths from pursuing a career in dental care after a chance encounter with Charles Tyler Clark at her office. She was deciding between a law degree or pursuing a degree in dentistry, and that encounter tipped the scale in her decision. Her story is not unique, as many students at BSL are seeking a change or looking to strengthen their skills in their careers.

Andy D’Entremont came to BSL to learn more about law so that he could better himself within his own company. He states, “I went to law school to squash the 28-30-year-olds who talk over me because they have a JD and I don’t! A lot of students come to BSL to better themselves within their company. A JD is invaluable for any job.” As a non-traditional program, BSL is geared towards people with careers who plan to continue working in conjunction with their studies.

Look for professors who teach and practice law concurrently

Birmingham School of Law also stands out because of the professors and their experience. BSL provides the same studies you would find in any other program, but it is unique because the professors are also practicing law outside of the classroom. Professors give real-world advice, so students get to learn practical knowledge about the day-to-day nitty-gritty stuff that goes into running a law practice. Many students note that you also get more respect from professors who understand the hard work of getting a law degree and how much harder it is as a working student or a student with kids.

If you attend Birmingham School of Law, you will make valuable connections and friendships that are made stronger by the unique challenges presented by a non-traditional program: challenges that, in the end, make you a stronger law student. Students at BSL emphasize that a law degree doesn’t come easily, but it’s rewarding and worth it, no matter where you are heading in the future. Kelli Ewing states, “Expect to put in hard work. You may find yourself squeezing in so much in so little time, but you gain a law school family of professors and peers to help you as you go through your studies and well into the future.”

Birmingham School of Law is a law school that provides a unique learning experience and an affordable quality legal education.  BSL has a diverse student body of approximately 350 students from across the State of Alabama and the Southeast. Many different undergraduate majors are represented as there is no “correct” pre-law major.  Contact us today to learn more about enrollment options.